Treats that are both Good and Healthy for Your Dog

Like humans, dogs also like to eat tasty treats but while choosing treats for your lovely companions you should choose foods that are not only tasty but good for their health also. Some of the healthy and tasty dog treats are briefly discussed here under for your guidance.

Dehydrated veggies and fruits: You can prepare this tasty treat for your dog by using some dehydrated vegetables and fruits like apples, potatoes, zucchini and strawberries or whatever you like to make this treat tastier for your pet (visit blog/495-kangaroo-jerky-dog-treats-the-hidden-gem for more).  While preparing this treat you should first of all wash all the ingredients and cut then into smaller pieces after pat drying them. Now arrange them in single layer on a baking sheet and put it in your oven, pre-heated to 150 degree. When the pieces are done cool them to room temperature before serving to your dog.

Bone Broth: This treat is not only delicious but also good choice for the hair, skin, gut and joints of your dog. You can serve it spicy or non-spicy as per the liking of your dog.

Grain Bowls: This recipe can be made for your dog by using various types of food stuffs flexibly. You can use some starch and grains like brown rice, quinoa or sweet potatoes as the base of your treat. Then you can include some colorful and green raw, sautéed, or roasted vegetables along with tofu, boiled eggs or cut steaks to add protein and other healthy ingredients. You can also add peanuts or sunflower seeds to add some crunch to the treat. You can also drizzle some dressing on the top to give a finishing touch to this tasty and healthy dog treat.

You can also give your dog some of the healthy and tasty human foods like but always check:

Peanut butter: Heart healthy fats, various types of vitamins and niacin present in peanut butter make it a healthy food not only for humans but for pets also. It can help in smooth running of your dog.

Cheese: Dogs usually like to eat cheese but if it is cottage cheese or low fat cheese then it can be a better treat for them. But if your dog is intolerant to lactose then you should avoid this treat.

Eggs: Scrambled eggs without any pepper, salt and butter can be a good and healthy treat for your dog. It can improve the shine of his coat.

Blueberries: Along with blueberries you can also give blackberries and raspberries to your dog as snack.

Sweet potatoes: You can use it in various types of dog treats to make them tastier and healthier.

Green Beans: In order to make a great treat for your dog you can give them raw green beans straight out the fridge.

Lean meat: Boneless and fatless lean meats like pork, chicken, turkey and fish can also be a good snack for dogs.

Popcorn: Dogs also like to eat popcorn but they can be healthier for them if no butter and salt is added.

Rice: Plain white rice is also good treat for the upset stomach of the dogs.

DIY Tips For Building a Dog House

Some dog owners like to let their dogs sleep indoors on couches or in their own bedroom, nothing wrong. But, research has it that dogs just like other den animals love to have their own quiet space where they can rest and enjoy some peace.


Now you could go buy the best dog house from the many dog shops round if you have the money. Or, you could do it yourself. Not only will you have the pleasure of doing an awesome thing for your pet, but you will also get to choose your own designs and decor as you please. Listed below are the do it yourself tips for building a dog house to help you along.


Choose quality materials

We all like high quality products because quality presents a certain level of security. Well, your dog deserves as much. When choosing building materials, select the ones that present the least to no health risks for your pet. Plastic materials for example are low quality and can cause health problems for your dog. Avoid them at all costs.


Correct design

The design of your dog house should not only be based on attractiveness but hugely on its functionality. For instance, raise your dog house a few inches from the ground to stop ants and other small animals from invading its kernel. A raised dog house will also allow water to flow underneath freely keeping your pet warm. The roof should be slanted to ensure that rain flows down easily and that the roof is protected.




Consider the size

Imagine living in house where you can’t easily move around or worse, turn. You could probably prefer a big house to a tiny house. Build your dog a with its size in mind. You can do this through measurement. If yours is a puppy, then build it with the future in mind. Give it enough room to move about and rest comfortably. However, don’t exaggerate on the space as you will only be wasting your space and money.




A dog house should be properly ventilated. Otherwise you will be forced to take him to your house when seasons change. A properly ventilated house will allow your dog to live comfortably regardless of the current weather conditions. One ventilation technique is to have two or three small holes in the walls to allow the exchange of warm and cold air.


Ensure comfort

Basically, what we have discussed so far is meant to make your pet comfortable. But there is more. For instance, if you want your dog to live in a clean environment then you should put measures to ensure you can clean the kernel well. One way is to put hinges on the roof. This allows you to clean every corner of the kernel. Another way is to keep the door away from the direction of the storm. For example, if storms usually come from the south or west then let the door be on the north or east.


Dogs deserve comfort especially in their own houses. So, when you set out to build a house for your dog, do it to the best of your skills. Some people who sell the most adorable dog houses today started by building their own. You have to start somewhere.


Tips for finding the perfect home if you own multiple pets

Having multiple pets in your home relates that you are a pet lover and you’re very careful about them. But bringing the pets to your home is not the only way to take good care of them. You are supposed to provide them good food and better treatment and most importantly you’re responsible for providing them an environment where they can feel more comfortable and have more fun and enjoyment.

Having one pet in your home does not cause any problem as you can provide them enough space to enjoy the things the way they want but when you have several types of pets at your home the things get a little bit complicated and you need to be more responsible with multiple pets. For example, if you have a cat and dog in your home, you’d have to provide them separate places where they can have fun and feel safe and comfortable otherwise, they will make a lot of fuss and you’d even find yourself uncomfortable in your own home.

So, if you don’t have such a large home where you can easily accommodate multiple pets, you must consider buying a sufficient home before bringing the pets to your home. You may simply take help from the multi family property management Sacramento to find the best home according to your needs. In today’s article, we are going to talk about several important tips that you must keep in mind to find the perfect home if you own multiple pets.

Move to a town

If you’re going to keep multiple pets in your home, you must consider buying a home in a town instead of searching for homes in a city. The reason why towns are perfect for you is that the pets may sometimes make a lot of noise and the neighbors may feel irritated sometimes due to this unnecessary noise so that you may stay safe from stupid complaints. Another reason for buying a home in a town is that you’d easily be able to find a bigger house at a lower price while the prices of the homes will be higher in the cities. So, you may save a lot of money by buying a home in a town and all the basic facilities of life will also be in your range.

Ample space in the backyard

You must consider buying a home that has ample space for the animals in the backyard so that animals may have fun there and feel more comfortable and happy. The benefit of buying a home with a backyard is that you can also make sitting arrangement for your guest so that you may sit together while you’re pets are having fun.

Bigger home

A bigger home is always a better home if you’re going to keep multiple pets in your home because you’ll have a lot of options to accommodate your pets in different areas and they won’t get into any fuss at all.…

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5 Reasons Why Cats are the Perfect Pets Compared to Dogs

Cats are easy pets to take care of when compared to dogs. They don’t demand as much attention as dogs do. Kitties will adapt quickly to the owner’s needs without complaining because of their independent self-sufficient nature. Cats like to be clean and therefore they spend a lot of their time grooming themselves. They’re also good natural hunters and will definitely help you to get rid of mice in your home. You will notice that your cat loves to go down to the basement to hunt down the mice. But, this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Here are some of the reasons why cats are the best pets in your automatic cat feeder

1. Most of the time they’re quiet

Kitties are pretty quiet when compared to dogs. They can be vocal sometimes, but will never meow so loud to cause trouble. You must have noticed that dogs will bark whenever they see anything strange or visitors in your home. Cats are very playful and will go off and hide when they see your visitors and will jump on them in a surprise.

2. Cats are independent

Cats are just happy being near you. They don’t demand constant attention, unlike dogs. Your kitties love to be brushed and fed, but you don’t have to dote on them the whole day. They’re happy when left by themselves for a while. That means, cats are perfect pets for a busy family, where you just have to grab the best automatic cat feeder, and they’ll be fine for days. You can even take a short vacation and comfortably leave them at home. However, you need to ensure that there is enough food and water before you leave. Furthermore, cats don’t suffer from separation anxiety like dogs, which can tear everything in your home.

3. They’re perfect with kids

best automatic cat feederMost of the cats are quite playful and will let your kids carry them around. Few kitties will feel uncomfortable with kids, but you don’t have to worry about serious injuries when your kids play with cats. You’ll notice that cats are appealed by kid’s toys and they play with these together with your kids.

4. Cats are natural hunters

Your kitties are natural-born predators, and therefore harmful insects such as spiders and bees don’t have a chance when a cat is around. If you are having problems with mice, cats will definitely exterminate all pests around your home. You will say goodbye to your pesky rat problem in your house. For them, hunting is a game.

5. They are clean

One thing you’ll love about cats is that they constantly bathe themselves, unlike dogs that need to be cleaned regularly due to bad smell. That means you can occasionally give them a bath. A little cleaning and brushing are good enough for a cat.

Our Beginnings

Barbara was one of the first alpaca breeders on the East Coast. She and Earlah Swift were the original founders of Mariah Alpacas in Vermont. Her many years of experience first as a dog breeder and later as an internationally respected dog show judge have given her a keen eye for quality in animal conformation and dispositions. The transition to alpacas was a simple one. After years of working successfully with Earlah, Barbara tired of the commute to Vermont and decided to open her own Virginia based business as Act II Alpacas. We merged our interests when I started Double “O” Good Alpacas with a foundation herd of 12 carefully selected Peruvian alpacas from the 1995 Peruvian importation. Our experience has taught us that the quality of our initial breeding stock, particularly our male herd sires, would forever determine the quality of any resulting herd. Barbara’s trained eye and years of judging experience paid off in spades. Today, our herd numbers more than 240 gorgeous, mostly Peruvian Huacayas, and we are expecting another 80 babies before the year’s end. We offer for sale fully guaranteed, registered alpacas – all born and raised on our farm.

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Falkland Farm

Falkland Farm is listed in the historical registries for Prince William County. The original mansion was built around 1800 and consists of three gable roofed sections of reddish and sand colored stone. It is surrounded by English gardens and a grove of old growth oak trees. It was originally the boyhood home of the notorious Nick Carter, legendary member of the Civil War cavalry unit, the Mosby Raiders. It is rumored that he had numerous hiding places within its walls.

Few things give us more pleasure than driving into the farm and seeing our alpacas grazing in the pastures, with the restored Falkland Farm mansion and grounds as the backdrop.

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