Barbara and I have been raising alpacas for fifteen years now, mostly Peruvians, Peruvian crosses, and Chileans. We personally care for our herd daily and manage our breeding program. Our goal is to breed alpacas with excellent conformation and dense, full fiber coverage and to improve upon that excellence with each new generation of our alpacas. We socialize our newborn crias by playing with them on a daily basis. This makes them easy to handle and a joy to own. The personal care that we offer has consistently produced alpacas that are friendly, outgoing, and comfortable with people. Lean toward any of our alpacas and you can expect to be nuzzled gently. The care that we provide our alpacas and the commitment that we have made in our breeding program are what set us apart from most breeders. We invite you to bring your family out to the farm for a visit and see for yourself.

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