DIY Tips For Building a Dog House

Some dog owners like to let their dogs sleep indoors on couches or in their own bedroom, nothing wrong. But, research has it that dogs just like other den animals love to have their own quiet space where they can rest and enjoy some peace.


Now you could go buy the best dog house from the many dog shops round if you have the money. Or, you could do it yourself. Not only will you have the pleasure of doing an awesome thing for your pet, but you will also get to choose your own designs and decor as you please. Listed below are the do it yourself tips for building a dog house to help you along.


Choose quality materials

We all like high quality products because quality presents a certain level of security. Well, your dog deserves as much. When choosing building materials, select the ones that present the least to no health risks for your pet. Plastic materials for example are low quality and can cause health problems for your dog. Avoid them at all costs.


Correct design

The design of your dog house should not only be based on attractiveness but hugely on its functionality. For instance, raise your dog house a few inches from the ground to stop ants and other small animals from invading its kernel. A raised dog house will also allow water to flow underneath freely keeping your pet warm. The roof should be slanted to ensure that rain flows down easily and that the roof is protected.




Consider the size

Imagine living in house where you can’t easily move around or worse, turn. You could probably prefer a big house to a tiny house. Build your dog a with its size in mind. You can do this through measurement. If yours is a puppy, then build it with the future in mind. Give it enough room to move about and rest comfortably. However, don’t exaggerate on the space as you will only be wasting your space and money.




A dog house should be properly ventilated. Otherwise you will be forced to take him to your house when seasons change. A properly ventilated house will allow your dog to live comfortably regardless of the current weather conditions. One ventilation technique is to have two or three small holes in the walls to allow the exchange of warm and cold air.


Ensure comfort

Basically, what we have discussed so far is meant to make your pet comfortable. But there is more. For instance, if you want your dog to live in a clean environment then you should put measures to ensure you can clean the kernel well. One way is to put hinges on the roof. This allows you to clean every corner of the kernel. Another way is to keep the door away from the direction of the storm. For example, if storms usually come from the south or west then let the door be on the north or east.


Dogs deserve comfort especially in their own houses. So, when you set out to build a house for your dog, do it to the best of your skills. Some people who sell the most adorable dog houses today started by building their own. You have to start somewhere.


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