Treats that are both Good and Healthy for Your Dog

Like humans, dogs also like to eat tasty treats but while choosing treats for your lovely companions you should choose foods that are not only tasty but good for their health also. Some of the healthy and tasty dog treats are briefly discussed here under for your guidance.

Dehydrated veggies and fruits: You can prepare this tasty treat for your dog by using some dehydrated vegetables and fruits like apples, potatoes, zucchini and strawberries or whatever you like to make this treat tastier for your pet (visit blog/495-kangaroo-jerky-dog-treats-the-hidden-gem for more).  While preparing this treat you should first of all wash all the ingredients and cut then into smaller pieces after pat drying them. Now arrange them in single layer on a baking sheet and put it in your oven, pre-heated to 150 degree. When the pieces are done cool them to room temperature before serving to your dog.

Bone Broth: This treat is not only delicious but also good choice for the hair, skin, gut and joints of your dog. You can serve it spicy or non-spicy as per the liking of your dog.

Grain Bowls: This recipe can be made for your dog by using various types of food stuffs flexibly. You can use some starch and grains like brown rice, quinoa or sweet potatoes as the base of your treat. Then you can include some colorful and green raw, sautéed, or roasted vegetables along with tofu, boiled eggs or cut steaks to add protein and other healthy ingredients. You can also add peanuts or sunflower seeds to add some crunch to the treat. You can also drizzle some dressing on the top to give a finishing touch to this tasty and healthy dog treat.

You can also give your dog some of the healthy and tasty human foods like but always check:

Peanut butter: Heart healthy fats, various types of vitamins and niacin present in peanut butter make it a healthy food not only for humans but for pets also. It can help in smooth running of your dog.

Cheese: Dogs usually like to eat cheese but if it is cottage cheese or low fat cheese then it can be a better treat for them. But if your dog is intolerant to lactose then you should avoid this treat.

Eggs: Scrambled eggs without any pepper, salt and butter can be a good and healthy treat for your dog. It can improve the shine of his coat.

Blueberries: Along with blueberries you can also give blackberries and raspberries to your dog as snack.

Sweet potatoes: You can use it in various types of dog treats to make them tastier and healthier.

Green Beans: In order to make a great treat for your dog you can give them raw green beans straight out the fridge.

Lean meat: Boneless and fatless lean meats like pork, chicken, turkey and fish can also be a good snack for dogs.

Popcorn: Dogs also like to eat popcorn but they can be healthier for them if no butter and salt is added.

Rice: Plain white rice is also good treat for the upset stomach of the dogs.