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5 Reasons Why Cats are the Perfect Pets Compared to Dogs

Cats are easy pets to take care of when compared to dogs. They don’t demand as much attention as dogs do. Kitties will adapt quickly to the owner’s needs without complaining because of their independent self-sufficient nature. Cats like to be clean and therefore they spend a lot of their time grooming themselves. They’re also good natural hunters and will definitely help you to get rid of mice in your home. You will notice that your cat loves to go down to the basement to hunt down the mice. But, this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Here are some of the reasons why cats are the best pets in your automatic cat feeder

1. Most of the time they’re quiet

Kitties are pretty quiet when compared to dogs. They can be vocal sometimes, but will never meow so loud to cause trouble. You must have noticed that dogs will bark whenever they see anything strange or visitors in your home. Cats are very playful and will go off and hide when they see your visitors and will jump on them in a surprise.

2. Cats are independent

Cats are just happy being near you. They don’t demand constant attention, unlike dogs. Your kitties love to be brushed and fed, but you don’t have to dote on them the whole day. They’re happy when left by themselves for a while. That means, cats are perfect pets for a busy family, where you just have to grab the best automatic cat feeder, and they’ll be fine for days. You can even take a short vacation and comfortably leave them at home. However, you need to ensure that there is enough food and water before you leave. Furthermore, cats don’t suffer from separation anxiety like dogs, which can tear everything in your home.

3. They’re perfect with kids

best automatic cat feederMost of the cats are quite playful and will let your kids carry them around. Few kitties will feel uncomfortable with kids, but you don’t have to worry about serious injuries when your kids play with cats. You’ll notice that cats are appealed by kid’s toys and they play with these together with your kids.

4. Cats are natural hunters

Your kitties are natural-born predators, and therefore harmful insects such as spiders and bees don’t have a chance when a cat is around. If you are having problems with mice, cats will definitely exterminate all pests around your home. You will say goodbye to your pesky rat problem in your house. For them, hunting is a game.

5. They are clean

One thing you’ll love about cats is that they constantly bathe themselves, unlike dogs that need to be cleaned regularly due to bad smell. That means you can occasionally give them a bath. A little cleaning and brushing are good enough for a cat.