Our Beginnings

Barbara was one of the first alpaca breeders on the East Coast. She and Earlah Swift were the original founders of Mariah Alpacas in Vermont. Her many years of experience first as a dog breeder and later as an internationally respected dog show judge have given her a keen eye for quality in animal conformation and dispositions. The transition to alpacas was a simple one. After years of working successfully with Earlah, Barbara tired of the commute to Vermont and decided to open her own Virginia based business as Act II Alpacas. We merged our interests when I started Double “O” Good Alpacas with a foundation herd of 12 carefully selected Peruvian alpacas from the 1995 Peruvian importation. Our experience has taught us that the quality of our initial breeding stock, particularly our male herd sires, would forever determine the quality of any resulting herd. Barbara’s trained eye and years of judging experience paid off in spades. Today, our herd numbers more than 240 gorgeous, mostly Peruvian Huacayas, and we are expecting another 80 babies before the year’s end. We offer for sale fully guaranteed, registered alpacas – all born and raised on our farm.

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